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Becky from Baby Sleep the Night

Free talk, Q&A & sleeping tips at Melody Tots

We're very pleased that Becky from Baby Sleep the Night has kindly offered to come in and talk to us for FREE after some of our Melody Tots sessions coming very soon. 

-Wednesday 20th June in the play/social time at the 10.15am session, in the Hall at St Mary’s Church, Fratton Road, PORTSMOUTH, PO41 5PA (Becky will start once everyone has a drink/snack…about 11am. No need to book in advance).

-Monday 25th June at the 1s & under session 11.05am. Becky will start at about 12pm in the Community Room at Tesco FAREHAM, PO16 0LE (we’ll have another round of drinks and snacks available and just run a longer session that day going on until about 12.30pm) Please book with Ruth for this 1s & under session as it’s also Melody Tots’ official birthday week!

-Thursday 5th July in the play/social time at our 10.15am session, in the Community Room at Tesco FAREHAM, PO16 0LE (Becky will start once everyone has a drink/snack…at about 11am) No need to book in advance.

Message from Becky at Baby Sleep the Nigtht

Dear Parents/Carers,

I'm sure every one of you knows what it is like to go through sleepless nights with your child? For some of you lucky ones those blurry eyed days were only in the first few months of your baby’s life, for a huge percentage of parents that is sadly not the case though!

Some of you may have thought you'd cracked it when your child started to sleep through at 3 or 4 months, only to be met with a little face at the side of your bed every night once that challenging toddler phase came around? For some of you it will be hit and miss with the occasional good night and others where you are up 2,3 (or more!) times a night doing anything you can to get your little one back to sleep? Or there will be many of you who have simply forgotten what a good night’s sleep is since the day your precious little bundle arrived?!

Recent research shows that 84% of children with sleep problems will continue to have them up until the age of 5!


The good news is it really doesn't have to be this way and trust me you are not alone! I am a certified Baby Sleep the Night™ Consultant and I am here to help you. I work every day with parents just like you, giving them the skills to teach their child a new and better way and giving them back their sleep, normally within 10 days or less! - for many, giving them the first full night’s sleep they have had since their son or daughter’s birth!

I am delighted to have been booked by Ruth at Melody Tots to come and hold a brief talk and Q&A session for you, where you can spend some time after your musical session to have a chat and learn some really great tips to get your child sleeping through the night. What's even better is it is entirely FREE of charge to you. I work with all age groups, even those who are not born yet as you can start creating healthy sleep habits from day one!

See above for times and locations of when I'm coming to Melody Tots. I'd love to see you there! If you would like some more information or can’t wait until then then please do feel free to give me a call and tell me a bit more about your situation. You can reach me on 07770 591159 or drop me an email to becky.goman@babysleepthenight.com. For more details go to www.babysleepthenight.com/beckygoman


Sleep well


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